We've been crossing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge creative talent from across the globe In the field of fashion and beauty since 2012 .

In this regard our professional team started the Modisch Magazine project since March, 2018 .
MODISCH is an inspirational magazine created for the new generation of creative minds. We exploring fashion & beauty through art and photography, And want to speak loud and show the world the talent we have around the universe in different languages and ways.

We also present all that makes "MODISCH" stunning, innovative, MINIMAL and luxury in high-quality form.

we'll ensure every reader receives their diverse and daily dose of all the legendary faces, iconic photographers, top celebrities, high fashion,

art and illustration that make our creative world so exceptional. And we'll do so in a medium that's able to reach an even wider audience, in a way that's instantly accessible,
with the premium quality you know and love from print to match.

We're looking towards the future. A future where a timeless compilation of beautiful things can easily integrate into the modern lifestyles of our readers.

In just one click, the professional, the socialite and the visionary can access MODISCH on their tablet, computer and mobile device.

MODISCH, Magazine accepts no liability or any unsolicited material whatsoever. Opinions contained in the editorial content are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the publishers of MODISCH, Magazine. Any reproduction in whole or in partwithout written permission is strictly prohibited. MODISCH, Magazine is designed in Istanbul - Turkey and NY - USA .

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